Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Private Eyes are Watching Me

So this post is about being an example and how it is hard to take the pressure of it all.  It is so different being a role model to 3 children.  I find myself constantly checking myself.  The fact that the kids say crap has me very worried.  It sounds, well, wrong from a child's mouth.  Even when it is an innocent repeat like Morgan said to me yesterday.  

"That's crap," I said.

"What's cwwwaap, Da-ee Shane?"

"Um, nothing Morgan."

And Livy will zero in on all kinds of my bad behavior.  I tend to clap my hands to announce to the children that all actions should be suspended.  It is quite effective.  They stare awestruck when I strike them together (that is, my hands, not the children).  And I'm obviously doing a scary face, because several times Owen has slapped his hands together and made these ridiculous angry eyes.  I almost told him how ridiculous he looked, until I then realized he was mimicking me.  

So anyway, I've told Livy if I clap my hands, that she is allowed to call me on it.  That was stupid.  She is religiously observant and deadly obedient, and she lets me know that I've made a mistake.  I was in another room and clapped my hands last week.  

"Owen!" I shouted.  

Livy came in and looked at me as a teacher might to a pupil.  

"Daddy Shane, you told me to tell you that you can't do that."  

"Yes, Livy.  Thank you.  You're absolutely right."  Owen is able to respond appropriately too by wrinkling his brow, to which I respond.  "I'm sorry, Owen."  Owen smiles and continues the behavior for which I was infuriated.  He is the BEST at forgiving quickly.

Luckily, it isn't ALL bad to have kids be observant, and in fact, it led me to capture a picture of Morgan that I have posted below.  

You see, since I have a bad knee, I'm not much of a two-knees-on-the-ground kneeler when I pray.  So I generally stick my good knee out for balance and then fold my arms.  It was to my surprise to see all of the kids try to attempt it.  There have been some unsteady children during prayers as a result, but I have been patient enough not to clap my hands and give them my angry eyes.


  1. I'm surprised they didn't call you out on taking pictures during the prayer. :) Hehehe. Yeah, it's kind of annoying to have these little policemen all around you, huh? Like when Dane gives me a lecture on "don't say dat word, stupid, mommy...don't say dat". I mean, how do you explain the difference in calling the can opener stupid versus calling a sibling stupid?!? :)

  2. I love the picture of Morgan one-kneed kneeling. It is a bit scary to have the little parrots around constantly, isn't it? Brooklyn repeats EVERYTHING anyone says...and just yesterday told Troy he was being a "tard." Nice, huh?

  3. So I just realized you are blogging, last I checked you were only commenting...

    Yes, something about hearing a child say crap, not as impressive.

    Little Brian said, "Holy crap, three times in a 5 minute period while playing XBox with his friends. It was right then all those years my mom recommended not saying that, she was probably right!