Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Satisfyingly Surprising...Welcome to Greer, Arizona

If you weren't at the Greer family reunion, this post will probably seem a little odd.  But I simply don't have time to elaborate.  So here is a post for all you Greer attendees:

One of the great things I love about reading a good drama is the satisfying surprise.  What I refer to is the moment wherein something totally surprising happens that makes absolute sense.  "Oh my gosh," you think and then say, "I didn't see that coming, but it fits so marvelously that I wouldn't have it any other way." (yes, apparently you speak to yourself and use words like marvelously).

This sometimes happens in real life, and the pay off, like in a drama, is also pretty awesome.  It is, like I said, satisfyingly surprising.    

So here are some satisfying surprises that I got at my latest family reunion:

1. Troy is an animal at jump rope.
2. Adam gave me a big hug.
3. During our Biggest Loser Competition, Breckyn kept up with the boys with 100 push-ups.  It was one heck of a gutsy performance.
4. Lana and Porter sang a perfect duet with impeccable comic timing (actually, that one isn't surprising at all.  Just satisfying.)
5. Quinn's big entrance to Conner's magic act.
6. Tony encouraged Mya to employ eye-for-an-eye morality. The conversation: 
    M: Tatum just threw a ball at me.  
     T: Well, what about that?
     M: (blank stare)
     T: So what could you do about it?
     M: (slowly smiles as an idea falls upon her) I could...throw a ball at her?
     T: (throws hands in the air) Well, there you go.  
7.  Livy ran an entire mile and discovered what it means to be sore.
8.  Troy is an animal at jump rope.
9. Dian, I hear, walked all the way to the other cabin, and then had to do dishes while she was there.  
10. I (Shane Dixon, novel snob) liked reading "Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites."  I actually learned stuff from it.  Holy crap. 
11. Adam can totally do squats.

Feel free to add to the list!


  1. Uhhh, WHAT THE? I get NO mention, NONE, NADA for the fact that I did 100 squats. Easily 80 more than I've ever done in my life, AND I beat Dana at it? Whatever man! Just sayin.

  2. Hearing Breckyn play & sing an incredible guitar solo that she wrote the music and lyrics for...that was awesome!